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The management team at Trendstar brings brings a diverse background of skills and experience with over 20 years of experience in the field of Sales, Marketing, Direct Response, Product Development and Retail Distribution. We have the capabilities to fully develop ideas in all different phases. Some of our many capabilities include but are not limited to; product development, manufacturing, sourcing, producing a commercial, advertising, fulfillment/customer service, brand management, and distribution.


What We Do


With strategically located sourcing experts around the world, Trendstar can help streamline and manage your private label and and sourcing needs. 

 At Trendstar we recognize the importance of a human centered approach to product development and marketing. 

The retail landscape is a moving target. We need to keep our sights on where to go, not where we have been. 

Trendstar has access to 100's of top selling products. Contact us for the most up to date product offering. 

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